Paradijs is a small conceptual driven collective with strong cultural, social and contextual drivers. Our interests are to initiate and stimulate engagements with the aim to positively contribute to a durable long-lasting society. We are focussing mainly on urban planning, architecture and interior design with the ambition to explore other opportunities in the field of design.

Our work approach is to teamup with stakeholders and collaborators and make a thorough analysis , research and define, translate this into an intelligent conceptual idea with the aim to make the idea into a design, execute or build it. We believe that working closely together delivers conditions to get more integrated and durable solutions that can make a big difference for the process and the project.

The thriving force behind Paradijs consist for this moment out of it’s founding partner Joost Körver. A well experienced architect and urbanist who worked at respected offices like 51N4E, Wiel Arets Architects, StudioNineDots. He won several architectural and urban competitions, worked anything from big complex urban developments to small scale detailed projects like interior remodelling, from the first sketches until execution. After 14 years of working for several offices the time was right to realise an initiative with values which for a long time only existed in our minds. This resulted in the embodiment of this collective in march 2018 named Paradijs.

The ambition of Paradijs is to create a lot of different paradises and sprinkle these over the world. By sprinkling these paradises over the world we believe the world becomes a better place hereby we hope to inspire other people. We are always looking for new opportunities to expand these little patches of paradise and our knowledge with experimental research projects to excel in making paradise. For new opportunities you can call or email us. You can find the contact details on the contact page.