Ministerie van Maak, a masterplan of 10.000 homes situated at national historic village of Muiden, NL for the exhibition at IABR (International Architecture biennale Rotterdam).

Seurenheide, a vision for a paviljoen. Situated on a crossing of different landscapes: dunes, forrest and two lakes. A hidden paradise in Bergen, the Netherlands.

Nobelhorst, masterplan and a development with residential buildings and Commercial spaces around a Marina, Almere, the Netherlands. Paradijs is assisting the design team at KettingHuls.



Keizersgracht, reconversion of a typical historic Herenhuis at the canals in the city center of Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Assisting the design team at Hariette de Swaan Arons.

TOP up, an extension of a house in de middle of a historic city center in Maastricht, NL. A sketch, final design and building permit.

Pop Dijkema, urban masterplan plan of two diverted owned site’s located between van Starkenborghkanaal and Pop Dijkema weg in Groningen NL. A concept urban masterplan assisting designteam at BURA.

Bestevaerstraat private house, two exiting apartments merge to one big apartment, a reconversion of the layout, interior and a new staircase in Amsterdam, NL. Assisting designteam at Atelier KA



Building group “Building for you” a collective, energy neutral housing development, Amsterdam, NL. Building Permit, assisting designteam at Zondag CS.

The Living Room of New West an interior project where inhabitants meet, discus and initiate with local government in Amsterdam NL.

Amstel III, a future big scale housing development in Amsterdam, NL. Sketch design assisting designteam at Studioninedots.

Stairway to Heaven, a small DIY interior project in Amsterdam Noord, NL. Sketch = Execution design.



Hollandpark West, a tender for future big housing extension at Hollandpark in Diemen, NL. Assisting tender designteam at Bureau Fraai.

Rebellious act, to propose intervention in the urban fabric, connecting, activating exchanging by adding new program on an existing non interesting carpark on a crossroad of three very different neighbourhoods in Amsterdam east.

Exclusiva, a pilot project and example for future development at Hamerkwartier in Amsterdam Noord, NL. Preliminary design assisting designteam at Studioninedots

Oranjewerf, shipyard situated at the north shore of the IJ in Amsterdam, NL. A flexibility study for a part of the masterplan in collaboration with Studiospacious



Top-floor apartment, a classic / industrial interior remodelling in Amsterdam NL. Sketch design.

Monument house, situated at the one of the beautiful singels in Rotterdam NL, an interior reconversion of the toilets and bad rooms. Preliminary design and Permit application.

Studio Villa, design for a villa with the layout of a studio apartment which has an audio studio inside, near s’Hertogenbosch NL. Feasibility study and ongoing in collaboration with Atelier 010 and Giovanni Wegher.

Recon HQ, headquarters of a medium to large company in Rotterdam NL. Feasibility study and sketch design.

Office tower Rijnhaven, transformation study office tower into mixed-use tower, Rotterdam NL. Feasibility study sketch design.



House in the Nord, interior transformation of a small old working-class house, Amsterdam NL. Interior and garden design.



Classroom apartment, adaptable plan for possible future scenarios of live, Amsterdam NL. Interior project.



Europan 11, masterplan on the edge of the city and the flat rural landscape, Leeuwarden NL. International competition in collaboration with Atelier 010 .

Ideenwettbewerb landmarke Halde Duhamel, proposed a controversial symbolic hidden landmark in the artificial mountain Duhamel in Ensdorf DE. International competition in collaboration with XVW .



Villa Park Brederode, dunevilla for plot 14 in the woods at Bloemdaal NL. Competition, won first prize in collaboration with XVW .